BDI Corridor Bar

BDI Corridor Bar


The BDI Corridor Bar provides the perfect solution for housing and displaying a full bar in a tight space. The double louvered doors open fully, providing easy access to everything a stocked bar needs, including wine and liquor bottles, stemware, glassware, and more. The storage drawer provides space for smaller items such as corkscrews, stirring utensils and other necessities. The latticed front provides a trendy, modern appearance and the raised feet contribute to a light, airy look. The Corridor Bar is perfect for creating a full cocktail service station in any room or space.


  • Wine and liquor bottle storage
  • Stemware rack
  • Glassware storage
  • Interior storage drawer
  • Dark wood veneer
  • 2 latticed-front doors
  • 41″H x 36″W x 18.5″D (104 cm x 91 cm x 47 cm)